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The beauty of the underwater paradise in Wakatobi

To describe the beauty of the underwater paradise Wakatobi, is not enough to describe it in writing. You need to visit the site directly to prove the truth of my writing. However, do not know it was love. For it is through this article I will share a little about the beauty of the sea in eastern Indonesia this.

 <img src="spot diving in wakatobi.jpg" alt="the beautifull spot when diving in wakatobi">

                                                                   Spot Diving in Wakatobi

Wakatobi is an acronym of Wangi Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, Binongko. The islands are separated from each other and form a group of islands “Wakatobi”. Because of the beauty and richness of underwater, Wakatobi crowned one national park underwater conserved. Well, this is what drove capital into one of the Wakatobi underwater paradise for divers and researchers worldwide.

The beauty of Wakatobi Visibility or supported with an excellent field of vision for divers. Because we can enjoy the marine life and coral reefs like seeing her in the mirror. And just so you know, Wakatobi store reefs are extremely diverse. The numbers stand at 750 species of coral, nearly matching the total coral reef in the world, amounting to 850 species of coral. So, it is appropriate that this island has been named as a “paradise under the sea” at the eastern tip of Indonesia.

 <img src="spot diving in wakatobi.jpg" alt="the most beautiful of spot diving in wakatobi">
 The Big Fish of Wakatobi Island

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